Manila VS Yellville
Our first game of the season we take the win 21-8
Manila VS EPC
The final score was 42-36. resulting in a EPC win.  

Manila VS Marked Tree
 Another one bites the dust! Manila takes the win 27-24
Manila VS Marvel/Elane
The lions are on fire they beat Marvel 62-28!
Manila VS Piggott 
The final score was 60-7 resulting in a Piggott win.  

   Manila VS Corning 


The final score was 34-30 resulting in a Manila Lion Win!

Manila VS Osceola

The final score was 51-8 resulting in a Osceola win.

Manila VS Newport

The final score was 56-6 resulting in a Newport win.

Games This Season

August 24           Yellville              HOME      

August 31           EPC                    THERE       

September 7      Marked Tree    THERE      

September 14    Marvel/Elane    HOME     

September 21    Piggott              THERE

September 28    Corning             THERE

October 5           Osceola              HOME

October 12         Newport            THERE

October 19         Hoxie                 THERE

October 26         Walnut Ridge    HOME

November 2       Harrisburg         HOME

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